Sure, there aren’t a lot of visitors coming to Tucson during the summer like we at SunTree like to see most of the rest of the year, but there are lots of people from Tucson with travel plans. So we thought it would be wise to share a few tips and information from some great resources we’ve come across recently.

Travel Advice, Zika update summer approaches and the weather warms up, the Zika virus is spreading. Dozens of countries have now reported incidences of the virus. It is in almost all South American countries, South Pacific Islands, Central America, Mexico and Cape Verde Islands.

It is expected it will have arrived in southern parts of the United States by the end of the summer. As there is no vaccine yet for the Zika virus, the only positive thing to do is try not to be bitten. read more at

With another dreaded virus to be concerned with, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t or can’t still plan a great summer vacation.  Plus, there are plenty of good deals to be had out there (if you DO want to come and “soak up some heat” in Arizona, just let us know!)  But not just here in Tucson and Phoenix… there are lots of other places offering great deals too, as this story from ABC News points out.

Off-Season Picks for Cheap Summer Getaways – ABC News trip to the shore or amusement park may be the quintessential summer vacation, but those popular choices can be expensive, crowded, and a lot less fun in reality than one’s imagination. For travelers open to counterintuitive thinking, there are amazing off-season vacation picks around the world. Sometimes a location is cheap because the summer months aren’t known for having optimal weather. In other instances, a destination, like Utah, may stereotypically be associated with the winter even though it makes for a great summer getaway as well. But careful planning can make for beautiful scenery and great memories — the bargains are just a bonus. Here, nine of our favorites.

Skiers flock to Colorado in the winter, but the mountains are breathtaking and temperate in the warmer months. Colorado Springs, a 90-minute drive south of Denver, has plenty of hotel deals and family-friendly activities. The gravity-defying rock formations of the Garden of the Gods make it one of the most-visited parks in the United States; the Olympic Training Center, which offers free tours, is inspiring; and the Dinosaur Experience, a museum that gives visitors a chance to interact with real dinosaur fossils and animatronic recreations, recently opened in nearby Royal Gorge. read more at



I can tell you from personal experience, if you haven’t been to Colorado recently, you’re really missing out.  And considering we’re rubbing elbows with the state here in Arizona, it’s a great destination that’s still pretty easy to get to by car or plane.  We hope to be up there this summer to see some of the great folks who escaped some of the snow last winter and came down and stayed with us in some of our furnished rentals and got in some golf.  Now it’s our turn!