A couple of things we can count on this time of year around Tucson.  The weather gets hot and we have a lot to be proud of as there is a whole new slew of graduates at all kinds of levels of education.

What isn’t always the case however, is temperatures that are this hot, this soon (or necessarily at all, to be honest).  We hope that everyone is paying attention to the heat warnings and taking care of themselves and their pets.

Another thing that doesn’t happen every day is hearing a truly memorable graduation speech, especially coming directly from an 8th grader that involves current politics and can make you laugh no matter what side of the aisle you favor!  And while this particular student isn’t from Arizona, it’s probably worth 8 monutes of your time.

Watch this 8th-grader’s hilarious impersonations of Trump, Obama and Clinton

https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/education/wp/2016/06/15/watch-this-8th-graders-hilarious-impersonations-of-trump-obama-and-clinton/Jack Aiello is an 8th-grader who has long been obsessed with politics. He sometimes turns on old presidential debates — like the ones from years before he was born — while he finishes his homework. He’s also a gifted performer with a knack for impressions.

So it was natural for him to turn to his two favorite subjects as he wrote a speech for his graduation ceremony from Thomas Middle School in the Chicago area. He performed rollicking and uncannily accurate renditions of stump speeches in the style of the major candidates for president. read more at washingtonpost.com

Just a little something to help keep the mood light while we wait for this crazy heatwave to break…

Blistering temperatures causes death, injury in Arizona

PHOENIX (AP) — Triple-digit temperatures are sweeping parts of the Southwest this weekend and leading some people in Arizona to fall ill from the sweltering heat.

The National Weather Service says the mercury quickly rose Sunday morning, with some areas of metropolitan Phoenix reaching 110 before noon. Forecasters say the city could see a high of up to 120, approaching the record of 122. abcactionnews.com