I understand it can be a contentious issue, but with many people close to me devoting a lot of time to animals, and especially dogs, around Tucson through “the pound” (Pima Animal Care Center or PACC). the following news story was one that I had been hearing about for quite some time.  Now, the time has arrived.

Tucson Greyhound Park hosts its final live dog race

http://www.abc15.com/news/region-central-southern-az/tucson/tucson-greyhound-park-hosts-its-final-live-dog-raceTUCSON, AZ – Tucson Greyhound Park has hosted its final live dog race.

The Arizona Daily Star reports that the park held its last race Saturday evening and it came weeks after Gov. Doug Ducey signed bills ending live dog racing in Arizona.

Officials say racing dogs will leave within days for their next venture, be it a greyhound rescue group or another, out-of-state racing venue. read more at abc15.com

Speaking of dogs, for those of you with sound or storm sensitive dogs like we have, depending on where you were in Tucson last night, you had your hands full!  The storm that came through our area was wickedly intense for about 10 minutes, knocking out power for a while… stronger than any monsoon I can remember experiencing.  When it was finished tormenting our dogs, we went out to have a look and sure enough, we found multiple large mesquites blown over and lots of shaken home owners.  Did you experience a strong storm in your part of town?

Monsoon 2016 strikes Tucson with severe thunderstorm

TUCSON – Severe thunderstorm rips through Tucson with damaging winds and heavy rain.http://www.kgun9.com/news/local-news/monsoon-uproots-trees-and-breaks-windows-at-campbell-ranch-apartments

For many Tucsonans it was the first taste of Monsoon 2016 as strong storms worked through the Old Pueblo. Wind gusts up to 60mph, knocked down power lines near River and Campbell causing outages across midtown. Lightning was also the cause of a house fire near 22nd and Kolb.

Several rain gauges across Tucson picked up more than 0.50″ of rain in less 15 minutes causing the washes to rise and streets to flood. A Flood Advisory will remain in effect for much of the metro through 9:30pm Sunday night. read more at kvoa.com

If this is just the start of what’s to come this summer, between the crazy heat we had recently and now this crazy powerful storm… we’re in for quite a summer to remember.  Buckle up tight, Tucson!

Images from abc15.com, kgun9.com