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Providing Outstanding Furnished Accommodations for Extended Stays in Tucson

Furnished rental homes for extended visits and vacations in Tucson and PhoenixOur mission with all of our fully furnished rental properties is to provide clean, updated, quality accommodations, with exceptional customer service and support, to ensure a smooth and hassle free move in and move out process for our extended stay guests. Each home is professionally prepared and located within desirable locations and communities throughout Tucson and the surrounding areas.  We also provide extended stay housing in the Phoenix area.

SunTree Corporate Housing is recognized as a top rated corporate housing and short term rental provider in Phoenix and Tucson by the Global leaders in the furnished housing industry. We are proud to accommodate our Arizona guests with affordable and high quality furnished accommodations.

We’ve got it covered… 24/7 emergency contact, housekeeping, maintenance team, one point of contact through your stay and effective communication. Getting settled into your temporary housing accommodations has never been so easy.

Specializing in Furnished Rentals in Tucson and Phoenix for:

  • Corporate Travelers
  • Relocations
  • Government and Military Personnel
  • Short Term Housing between Real Estate Transactions
  • Insurance Placement Needs
  • Leisure Travelers and Vacation Rentals
vacation rental homes in Tucson and Phoenix

vacation rental homes in Tucson and Phoenix

During the winter months, you can’t do better than a prolonged stay in a Tucson or Phoenix vacation rental home.  Get out of the cold and soak up some sun – SunTree will take care of your housing needs for you!

If you are looking for affordable and high quality serviced accommodations, look no further. Contact a Service Associate today for information on how to reserve your furnished rental in Tucson or Phoenix, AZ.

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“Corporate Housing Rental” for Your Extended Stay in Tucson

For any normal business trip or weekend get-away of a few days, just about any kind of hotel can do the job. But when you plan to stay in one place for a bit longer, whether it’s for work or for vacation, staying in a single hotel room can start to get pretty claustrophobic after a while, not to mention inconvenient.

For example, restaurant food is all well and good… for a while. But breakfast, lunch and dinner for days, weeks or even months on end? Not so great.

The same holds true for your wardrobe. Living out of a suitcase with a few changes of clothes is OK for a very brief while, but eventually, it would be nice to be able to wash your clothes on your schedule without having to spend time in a public laundromat.

A fully furnished living space, like what you have at home, is what you need if you’re going to be away from your home for any stretch of time. But if it’s just a few weeks or months, it’s ridiculous to consider leasing an apartment when you consider their typical 6 or 12 month minimum leases.

There is the option of “extended stay suites”, which are somewhat of a cross between a hotel and an apartment. You have a bit more room, and a mini kitchen of your own, but you’re never going to mistake one of these suites for your real home.

Fortunately for those folks in this situation who are coming to the Tucson (or Phoenix, Arizona) area, you have a great alternative with SunTree Corporate Housing.

SunTree is proud to offer fully furnished apartments, condominiums and even private homes, each of which offers all the amenities you would expect to find in your own home.

You’ll have your own room. Your own kitchen with full sized refrigerator, stove and dishwasher. Your own private washer and dryer. You can prepare your food as you like and do your laundry when you want.

In short, with a SunTree Corporate Rental – whether it’s a “corporate/business” trip, or an extended stay with your family to soak in some desert sunshine, we do everything we can to make you feel right at home in our home. It allows your time in Tucson (or Phoenix) to be both more productive and more relaxed – both great things whether you’re working or playing in Arizona!

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